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Capital Scuba Pro is the professional domain of Capital Scuba, build its foundations on  the concept of SAFE diving.

S - STANDARDS: Capital Scuba prides itself on being affiliated with the worlds most well known Scuba Diving training body PADI. PADI standards drive the foundations of safe diving practices and ensure that our divers can have fun safely.

A - ADAPTIVE TECHNIQUES: As an inclusive team, Capital Scuba understands and accommodates for each individual diver's training need. If you require one:one training or need to complete a performance requirement slightly different than the norm. We will endeavour to help. Capital Scuba Well is where we take adaptive techniques to the next level.

F - FAMILY: Capital Scuba is a family friendly organisation that supports the education and development of young divers. PADI provides programs for children from as young as 8 years of age which we proudly support. The family friendly environment is well supported by our Capital Scuba Club domain.

E - ENJOYMENT: Capital Scuba is about fun. Scuba diving is a fun activity and we pride ourselves on making the whole activity enjoyable. Whether it is through organised carpooling, portable hot showers and change rooms, through to great dinners during our weekend trips. Scuba Diving should be enjoyable even when it is cold.


Our Instructor

Capital Scuba Pro is supported by a qualified PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, John. John has been mentored and trained by the founder of Capital Scuba, Andrew, since 2018.


As a full time military nurse , husband and parent of young children, John's approach to Capital Scuba Pro is driven by his philanthropic and SAFE valves. John has a passion for continuing Andrew's 'Personalised Dive Training' approach to Diver Training whilst hoping to support individuals access Scuba who would otherwise not believe they could due to their physical or mental considerations. 




Capital Scuba Pro is focused on providing introductory Diver Training including Discover Scuba Diving and Open Water Diver. More information on our Open Water Diver course can be found here.

If you require Advanced or Speciality Dive Courses, please look towards one of these Canberra based PADI businesses.

2620 Scuba                   Indepth Scuba                 Lady of the Sea Dive Academy

Canberra Scuba Diving 

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